Our vision is to create a fair and sustainable Canberra through community connection.

Our volunteer groups are at the heart of SEE-Change. They organise practical activities to showcase smarter ways to live.


SEE-Change groups are run and led by volunteers and focus on sustainable change. Find a local or specialist interest group or start one up.

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Future Leaders

We run a Parliament of Youth on Sustainability event and other leadership programs.

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Waste Less

We run practical workshops on reducing waste and a hot composting demonstration.

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Active Travel

We hire out kid’s bike trailers and cargo trailers so you can get around without burning fossil fuels. Each year we run a Bulk Buy of electric bikes where you make great savings.

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Sustainable Housing

We run 9 Sustainable House Days each year showcasing homes and gardens jam-packed with sustainability ideas. To book into the next Sustainable House Day check out our events page.

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Climate Change

We work with the community on practical activities to address climate change, like ‘What do we want Canberra to look and feel like in 2030?’

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