Waste Less

Wasting less is about not only consuming less and more consciously, but also focussing on better and more environmentally-friendly waste management systems in Canberra.

We have a range of groups focussed specifically on this topic, and they’d love to hear from you!

WasteLess Group

WasteLess focus on better waste management in Canberra and reducing consumerism. This group meets on a regular basis at the Gang Gang Café at Downer.

For further details on how to get involved with SEE-Change WasteLess activities, contact the Convenor.   

Hackett Compost Collective

The HCC is a curb-side collection and composting service. HCC takes your kitchen scraps and turns them into valuable soil amendment, avoiding the generation of methane in landfill.

Visit the website

Trash Mob

Trash Mob is a volunteer-run clean up initiative to help Canberra look it's best and greenest, and to keep harmful rubbish out of our beautiful neighbourhoods, parks and waterways!

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