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Wamboin House Tour

On Saturday 14 May 25 people visited a rural solar-passive house that was built with energy conservation in mind.

The house was recently ‘upgraded’ to off-grid status, with solar and wind power running the all-electric house, workshop and an electric vehicle.

When the sun isn’t shining the wind is generally blowing, so the two modes work really well together.

In addition, the wind turbine is oriented to capture the north-west winter winds so power can be generated in the cooler months when the sun is often not shining.

The house is double brick, double glazed with roof and ceiling insulation.

Space heating is by local firewood and reverse cycle air conditioning.

Water heating is solar boosted by a wet-back fireplace, and surplus electricity.

Rain water is collected for the house, dam water for the garden and farm, storage is in tanks elevated 20m above the house. Water is treated aerobically. and pumped to the storage tanks at the top of the hill when there is excess renewable power being produced.

The tour was finished off with a lovely afternoon tea – a BIG thanks to the owner Chris for a wonderful tour!

SEE-Change_Wamboin Tour-walk to the water storage SEE-Change_Wamboin Tour-gravity feed water storageSEE-Change_Wamboin Tour-batteries and inverters SEE-Change_Wamboin Tour-batteries and inverters-2SEE-Change_Wamboin Tour-pergola with deciduous vine SEE-Change_Wamboin Tour-Solar hot water SEE-Change_Wamboin Tour-solar power SEE-Change_Wamboin Tour-Turbine monitor SEE-Change_Wamboin Tour-water storage SEE-Change_Wamboin Tour-afternoon tea

SEE-Change_Wamboin Tour-wind turbine SEE-Change_Wamboin Tour-Monitor

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