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Urban Homesteading

What is Urban Homesteading?

Urban homesteading, which is also known as ‘backyard or urban farming’, is about making self-sustainable choices, such as:

  • growing organic produce, making compost and keeping worms, using natural solutions for pest control, using permaculture techniques
  • keeping backyard livestock (chickens, bees, ducks etc)
  • growing, cooking and preserving your food; eating seasonally and locally; eating real food; foraging
  • projects like crochet, knitting, soap making, sewing, tanning, spinning, herbal remedies, making your own equipment etc
  • community connections and resilience, for like-minded people who are trying to make sustainable choices in their lifestyles
  • education related to any of these activities/ hobbies.

The Urban Homesteading Club

The Urban Homesteading Club (Canberra and Surrounds) is a group for people with self-sustainable lifestyles who live in Canberra or nearby surrounding areas.

Members range from people who are totally self sufficient and/or have their own acreage and businesses in some area of sustainable living, such as ethical/organic food production, to people who love doing the backyard sustainability thing, to people who live in units and who are learning how to grow food vertically on balconies.

The members all have one thing in common – they are committed to sharing resources and knowledge relating to a broad range of sustainability practices.

They usually meet once a month and in between times they love chatting to each other online about their sustainability adventures.

If you live locally and would like to join this group, they can be found on facebook under ‘Urban Homesteading Club – Canberra and Surrounds’.

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