Enabling change in our Society, Environment and Economy (SEE)

Tulitha King – Deputy Chair

Tulitha holds a degree in Sustainable and Community Development, which has uniquely equipped her to approach sustainability issues through a community lense. As a former Psychology undergraduate she is passionate about utilising psychological approaches in developing community initiatives. She is determined not to lose sight of the individual in community approaches to sustainability.

Tulitha is passionate about creating liveable urban spaces that facilitate sustainable lifestyles and permit a level of freedom, ownership and true citizenship in public spaces. She uses active transport as much as she can (her children will one day thank her) and practices neo-peasantry (think urban foraging, building from salvaged material, making her own clothes, fermenting and growing veges in the backyard). Her and her husband are slowly renovating a Bedford Bus into a motorhome (just for fun) with their three children.

She has strong interests in Economics, Urban Planning and Marketing, particularly as these apply to developing interdependent sustainability at the grass-roots level.

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