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Sustainable building talk

Sustainable design and construction practices

On Thursday 8 October 2015, Ric Butt gave a talk on sustainable design and construction practices to over 30 people as part of the SEE-Change Sustainability Talks.

This event was organised by the SEE-Change Inner South local group.

Ric is an architect, builder, environmental designer and the principal of Strine Environments, which was established as Canberra’s pioneer firm for dedicated environmental design in 1980.

Three decades on, Ric’s designs continue to show that achieving sustainability is not complex or difficult , but simply common sense for our extreme local climate.

Ric is a past President of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects and has earned many housing, building and design awards along the way, but what he values most is his reputation as a champion of sustainability.

Ric is committed to raising the public profile of vernacular Australian architecture and promoting environmentally sustainable practice in both design and construction.

The topics covered at this talk included:

  • Passive Solar vs Passive Haus: cost vs benefit analysis
  • How to design and build for a sustainable future protected from rising energy bills and extremes of hot and cold

Download the sustainable design and construction practices presentation

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