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Community Start-up Kit

Start-up kit for groups and communities

The following resources provide a wealth of information about starting up groups and building community:

  • In the Same Boat, the Self Help Kit, 3rd edn, Collective of Self Help Groups (COSHG), Melbourne, 1998. Excellent resource on setting up and maintaining groups, holding meetings, publicity, planning, conflict resolution. We have this at the office.
  • The Community Tool Box calls itself the ‘world’s largest resource for free information on essential skills for building healthy communities’ and offers ‘more than 7,000 pages of practical guidance in creating change and improvement’.
  • The Citizen’s Handbook offers practical assistance in, among other things, community organising, community-building activities and grassroots problems and solutions.
  • The Center for Participatory Change presents a detailed, useful set of skills and techniques in the areas of community organising, running a non-profit organisation, fundraising and leadership skills, which they make available as their ‘contribution to the global movement for social justice and participatory development’.
  • This Friends of the Earth Australia New Groups link may be useful. We have the booklet in Central, if you’re interested.
  • Our Community provides both tools for Australia’s community groups and links the community sector and the general public, business and government.
  • Village Green conducts Small Business Management (SBM) programmes to help support sustainable business practices.

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