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Submission: Canberra Brickworks

Submission on 2015 Canberra Brickworks + Environs plans

The proposed development of the Canberra Brickworks and environs offers the potential for an exciting step forward in sustainability of planning and development in Canberra – if it is planned and implemented well in accord with:

  • its context, both in the area that surrounds it and the rest of Canberra;
  • good urban planning principles; and
  • sustainable design, particularly in the light of the need to:
    • reduce greenhouse gas emissions, resource use and impacts of climate change
    • improve the health of Canberrans, particularly through increasing active transport and recreation and social connectivity
    • build community resiliency, including via increasing Canberra’s self-sufficiency.

SEE-Change Inner South has made a submission on the most recent planning and development strategy for the Canberra Brickworks and environs.  You can read it and the submission on the previous proposal here.


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