Enabling change in our Society, Environment and Economy (SEE)

Past Projects

SEE-Change has successfully undertaken a range of different projects over the years that have inspired, informed and supported action towards creating a sustainable Canberra. These have included:

  • solar panel and electric bike bulk buys
  • set-up of a bike trailer hire service
  • an ecological footprint study across three suburbs
  • a series of ‘Sustainability in the Suburbs’ events
  • regular ‘over the back fence tours’ that allow people to tour a sustainable house or garden of another SEE-Change member
  • film nights
  • seminars, talks and educational workshops
  • progressive dinners
  • community festivals
  • sustainability talks series
  • Kitchen Table Conversation events
  • planning submissions related to local areas
  • house blitz draught-proofing events
  • and much more!

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