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Organic Waste

– Let’s Start Talking!

According to the draft ACT Sustainable Waste Strategy 2010 – 2025, Canberran householders send between 24,000 and 30,000 tonnes of food waste to landfill every year.  This is almost half of the total amount what we send to landfill.

In addition, our businesses send between 10,000 and 20,000 tonnes of food and other organic waste to landfill each year as well.

This means that we are burying between 34,000 and 50,000 tonnes of food and garden organics in our landfill EVERY YEAR.


Meanwhile, across Australia and the world, towns and cities everywhere are setting up the systems to divert organic waste from the waste stream and directing it to compost and back into the agricultural system.  Farmers, communities and organics processors are joining forces to capture this valuable resource and get it back into the soil where it belongs.

By separating out our food waste, garden waste and other organice waste, we could HALVE the amount of waste going into our landfill each year.

So let’s start talking!  What would Canberran’s like to see happen with their organic waste?

Is there a link between organic waste, local farms, sustainable food production and food security?

What can we do to become part of the solution?

If you would like to be part of this conversation with other members of the Canberra community, please contact office@see-change.org.au

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