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O’Connor House Tour

Helen, Hardy, Stephen and Rebecca have kindly opened their home for SEE-Change on a number of occasions as part of our Sustainable House Tours program.

BIG thank you to all of them, as their houses are truely inspiring.

These two newly constructed houses on one block are the homes of a husband and wife (in their 70s) and of their son and his family of five people.

Both houses are solar passive featuring the usual principles of such dwellings…orientation, insulation and ventilation.

The houses are constructed of 100mm “green board”, have double glazing and PVC window frames.

House 2 has a polished concrete floor and other thermal mass features.

In the space between the houses is a shared workshop and a 50,000 litre underground water tank.

There is also a large shared area for growing vegies and we have 8 chickens.

Details of who was engaged in this project are:

Check out our website for details about the next house tour.

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