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OBFT: Chook Co-op

On Sunday 20 July 2014, SEE-Change Woden held an ‘over-the-back-fence’ tour of a Chook co-op.

The presenter, Kate, has lived with chickens for over 15 years and created a co-op about 8 years ago, because it seemed a good way to keep chooks happy, without having more eggs than she could eat.

Around 15 people gathered at Kate’s house to learn about Chicken Husbandry and the basics of starting a Chook co-operative with your neighbours.

A chicken co-operative offers participants:

  •  A source of super fresh, free-range eggs
  •  A sink for garden & kitchen waste
  •  A great way to keep in touch with neighbours

all while producing food within your neighbourhood.

The co-op currently has 5 households (including Kate) participating in suburban Lyons.

A big thank you to Kate for her time, her wonderful chicken wisdom and great stories.

Kate showed how simple it is to keep chooks and share your bounty with others once a few simple things have been set up.

Download information about Basic Chicken Husbandry.

Download Guidelines for starting a chicken co-operative.

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