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Keep Canberra Ad-Free

Keep Canberra Ad-Free is an action based group focused on protecting public space within the ACT from advertising.

Advertising has numerous adverse effects on individuals, the community, and the environment, including: increased consumption, visual pollution, mental illness, destruction of social capital, and reduction in democratic use of public space. For further analysis, read this article by the Green Institute’s Tim Hollo.

Keep Canberra Ad-Free was formed through a collaboration between the Green Insititute and SEE-Change in 2017 when Andrew Barr raised the possibility of reducing restrictions on billboard advertising within the ACT.

The group is originally focused on getting as many Canberrans as possible to lodge submissions to the standing committee into the inquiry on billboards. The committee will be accepting public submissions until the 20th June 2017. Every submission counts, if you are willing to make a submission please see:

Regardless of the result, the Keep Canberra Ad-Free Group will be planning further actions to reduce advertising in Canberra. To stay in touch and to learn of further events and actions please check-out our social media page, and contact us if you wish to be further involved.

“Advertising at its best is making people feel that, without their product, you’re a loser.” Nancy Shaley, ad executive.

“Of course advertising makes us unhappy.” Jonathan Trimble, ad executive.

Join us, and help keep Canberra ad-free!


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