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Intern experience

Intern Tuli King talks about her experience with SEE-Change

Working in the SEE-Change office has been a highly rewarding experience so far. Edwina and Jen are a lot of fun and it’s great to see how they engage with various community members at different levels and in many capacities.

So far I have been helping out with the #BirdscapingCBR project, an upcoming revegetation project in Turner. Witnessing the ins and outs of project management has been eye opening. There are lots of facets to organise and various parties to coordinate when planning planting on public land. Hopefully one task which I can  provide input will be the development of a procedures manual to help community members navigate through administrative requirements for planting on public land in Canberra.

While I almost broke the website last week, I also had the thrill of chasing around the various administrators to also fix it. I’m grateful Jen and Edwina trusted me enough to let me work that one out! The website now has a security certificate, so it was rewarding to actually improve something in the office, even though it was a little risky.

Something I really enjoy about working with SEE-Change is meeting community members and making connections between people and projects. I love that Edwina and Jen make the time to talk to individuals who come in with their concerns. This seems so important in a grass-roots community organisation. I have seen how talking with a visitor about cohousing in the Gang Gang Cafe in Downer, meeting with ANU students and bringing differently abled young people into the office to make our rag rug are all important in their own way.

Tulitha King


Tuli is studying community and sustainable development at Murdoch University. The 12 week internship of one day per week is part of her course work. 


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