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Teaching tips

Check out these great tips from teachers who have taken part in past Parliaments of Youth!

VIDEO – Teaching Tips for the Parliament   (9:23) Teachers explain how they incorporated the Parliament into their teaching program. Watch the full video or select a segment below for specific year groups.

VIDEO – Teaching Tips for Year 3/4 (1:29)

VIDEO – Teaching Tips for Year 5/6 (1:33)

VIDEO – Teaching Tips for Year 9/10 (1:37)

VIDEO – Teaching Tips for Year 10 (1:19)

VIDEO – Teaching Tips for Year 11/12 and Cross Curriculum (1:20)

Example assessment item for Year 11/12: Daramalan College, Earth and Environmental Science assessment item for the 2016 Parliament of Youth on Sustainability

KTC Image

Kitchen Table Conversations Teachers might find this a helpful way to engage all of their students in a consideration of action to reduce our ecological footprint, and so feed into a whole school contribution to the Parliament of Youth on Sustainability.

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