Enabling change in our Society, Environment and Economy (SEE)

End of Year Celebrations 2014

At the end of 2014, SEE-Change members got together to reflect and celebrate the year.

The following diagram is a brief snapshot of what happened during the year and what was achieved.

2014 infographic

There were also a number of people thanked at the event for their contribution to making SEE-Change the wonderful community organisation that it is.

These included (in no particular order):

  • Belconnen Local Group: Those from Belconnen have continued to inspire not only Belconnen, but across Canberra – Bob, Mark, Cindy, Kaveri and Kerry. The Kitchen Table Conversations have created a different model of engagement for people to connect with and the launch of the C3 program at the start of this year has provided yet another simple model to enable people to see change socially, environmentally and economically .
  • Inner North Local Group: Their support on a number of the sustainable house tours and the Downer Party at the Shops event this year has been great. A particularly BIG thanks to Maureen for taking on the role of convener and bringing this group back together.
  • Inner South Local Group: Their submission to improve the Yarralumla Brickworks and their ongoing support and contributions to the Jerrabomberra Wetlands project has made a great contribution. A BIG thanks to Gill for keeping this group ticking along and for Asta who is now taking on this role.
  • Woden Local Group: The team, particularly Phil, Audrey, Sarah, Leigh, Martin, Chris and Tony Edwards and Nina Pham, have ongoingly had conversations online to keep the actions of Woden happening, organising events, contributing to other events and generally supporting SEE-Change and a sustainable Canberra. There has been at least one activity by Woden every month which is truly inspiring!
  • Kontaw: Her tireless contributions of sifting through data and doing research was wonderfully helpful. She always had a lovely smile on her face, even when the data extraction never seemed to end.
  • Kyawt: Her great teamwork with Kontaw and her wonderful comprehensive notes were really appreciated. She methodically worked through data extraction and other tasks doing a wonderful job on them all.
  • Annette: She has been a wonderful office-allrounder. No matter what task she gets given she jumps into it without a problem and does it with a smile. It’s been lovely having her in the office.
  • Morgan: Her regular input and updates on all of our events allows the office to run smoothly. It’s great having her come in each week and tick away adding things to our website.
  • Govi: All of the jobs she has taken on and completed have been a really big help. It’s been great being able to give her something to do and then it being completed fully in a short period of time.
  • Khursheed: His enthusiasm and questions were appreciated. He has been undertaking a range of background work for different projects and hopefully soon we see them all come to fruition.
  • Chris: His regular updates of the event packs and getting the office in order has been a great help. It’s been wonderful having him manage these tasks with limited supervision and rigor.
  • Renee: Her work on the SEE-Change website has been appreciated, and although it’s wasn’t quite finished yet, it was a great help having her engaged and progressing the bits that she did.
  • Lee: Her ongoing contributions to Twitter and Facebook have been wonderful, especially having a new, younger voice in the mix. Hopefully we can build on what she has started.
  • Anna: Her wonderful event coordination, taking the lead on the sustainable house tours and have them run so smoothly, and being involved with the various stalls at events has been an amazing contribution.
  • Tril: She kicked off the SEE-Change photo library and we look forward to progressing this with her more in 2015.
  • Jess: Her amazing work on the sustainable house tours, 2020 vision project and volunteering on stalls at events has been wonderful. She always has such a lovely big smile and nothing seems too much trouble.
  • David: He kicked along the BERT project and it was great to have his input on the relaunched and revitalised program.
  • Phil: His contributions on a range of different SEE-Change stalls and his volunteering not only with Woden, but across a range of other SEE-Change activities and the office, always made the Office feel supported.
  • Bob: His ongoing leadership, energy and commitment to seeing the SEE-Change mission fulfilled, is such a contribution to Canberra and SEE-Change that words cannot say enough.
  • Martin: His great work on progressing the SEE-Change website and nutting out with us various aspects of this that needed to be sorted was wonderful. Having his contribution has made progressing to a final website much easier.
  • Christina: Her input on the SEE-Change Strategic Plan, Business Plan and website have strengthened all of these and we could not have gotten to where we did with these without her input.
  • Virginia: Her enthusiasm, ideas and leadership enabled the electric bike bulk buy to happen, and her contribution at stalls at events was extremely welcomed and insightful.
  • Leigh: His organisation of various projects this year was really helpful, but most importantly, sharing his knowledge and expertise with the community was a really generous contribution. In particular, his role in representing SEE-Change at the Googong Sustainable House event was wonderful.
  • Lawrie: He has progressed the Board of SolarShare and development of the SolarShare project. His resilience and ongoing commitment to this project, particularly as it has taken longer than expected, is to be commended. In particular, his wonderful development of the Community Solar Toolkit is going to be an amazing resource for others and truely reflects what SEE-Change is committed to – empowering people in our community to SEE-Change.
  • Sustainable House Tour owners: They nominated and shared their homes with others in our community. This program would not have been possible without their contribution and was a wonderfully successful program this year that reflects the SEE-Change mission – to inspire, inform and support people to take actions to reduce Canberra’s ecological footprint, improve the resilience of the ecosystem and enhance the wellbeing of all individuals.
  • SEE-Change Staff: Their commitment and the extra contributions they make that are over and above what is expected of our staff, is to be acknowledged and commended. Without them we would not be able to achieve as much as we do, or make the difference that we make in our community.
  • SEE-Change Committee: They give us their time and commitment. Their contribution to the ongoing running of SEE-Change is really appreciated and SEE-Change could not exist without committed people like them who ensure that the organisation operates effectively.
  • SEE-Change members: They have contributed in different ways to make SEE-Change what it is – some volunteering, some sharing the emails with their friends, some taking actions around their own home. All of these actions contribute to the work of SEE-Change and what we are all committed and out to achieve.


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