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Electric Vehicles in Canberra

Dave Southgate has made his Electric Vehicle book “Living with a plug-in electric car in Canberra” available for free.

Dave’s book is available for download at his website: southgateaviation.wordpress.com/electric-vehicles

At the start of 2010 Dave bought a Nissan Leaf electric car (EV) and has been very pleasantly surprised.

It is the perfect car for carrying out normal day to day urban trips around a city the size of Canberra.

Dave doesn’t think he will ever go back to owning a conventional car. EVs do work! His car will also save him money.

Putting the comfort and usability aside, Dave bought the car as a tool to reduce his carbon footprint. As a family they generate more energy from their solar PV system than they use in the house and EV combined. While this is exciting in itself, Dave chose to focus the book on Canberra since the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) is now on track to source 90% of its electricity from renewables by 2020. This opens up the prospect of carbon free land transport across the Territory courtesy of EVs.

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