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Ecological Economics Group

The Ecological/Steady-State Economics Group

Having brought us climate change, ecosystem collapse, and vast inequality it is time we questioned our prevailing economic system and what it is working towards: growth at all costs. With perpetual growth of population or the economy being neither possible nor desirable, it is time to cease promoting material growth as the primary solution to human flourishing. This alternative economics group seeks to exactly that by exploring ways to bring ecological and steady-state economic knowledge and measures to our local community and economy.

SEE-Change collaborated with this group and the Centre for the Advancement of the Steady-State Economy (CASSE) during 2016-17. They partook in meetings, public awareness events, and local actions that aim to address our addiction to economic growth at the expense of all else, whilst also looking into over-population, inequality, and community wellbeing measures.

The overarching goals of the group are to view nature as a source of life, not simply as a source of resources; provide people with what they genuinely needed in order to fulfil their human potential; to have a birth rate and eventually a population within sustainable limits; and to transition into a steady-state economy initially by de-growth and then stabilisation at a sane and sustainable rate of production.

Meetings occured monthly.


The Human Ecological Predicament, William Rees

Fundamentals (enough is enough)


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