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Curtin House Blitz

Draught-Proofing Workshop

On 4 July 2015, SEE-Change in collaboration with ACTSmart held a House Blitz – Draught Proofing Workshop, where we undertook draught proofing on a house in Curtin.

First of all everyone learnt from Lish Fejer and Andrew Pickard about why draught proofing is important and the difference between draughts and ventilation.

Download a copy of the power point presentation

We then did a blower-door test on the house to see just how bad the draughts were, everyone got ‘hands-on’ to seal the house and finally the house was re-tested to see the difference.

Here are some photos of the workshop.

SEE-Change_Curtin House Blitz-Andy presenting SEE-Change_Curtin House Blitz-blower door test SEE-Change_Curtin House Blitz-Lish explaining how to seal around openings SEE-Change_Curtin House Blitz-Lish explaining SEE-Change_Curtin House Blitz-participants sealing around skirting SEE-Change_Curtin House Blitz-presentation SEE-Change_Curtin House Blitz-sealing a door SEE-Change_Curtin House Blitz-sealing around a door SEE-Change_Curtin House Blitz-sealing around skirting SEE-Change_Curtin House Blitz-various draft sealing products SEE-Change_Curtin House Blitz-window film



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  • ACT Government Environment and Planning
  • The Association of Independent Schools of the ACT (AISACT)
  • Catholic Education Office (Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn)
  • Education and Training Directorate
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