Enabling change in our Society, Environment and Economy (SEE)

Compost workshop

SEE-Change and Canberra City Farm collaborated on a wonderful hands-on composting workshop. 17 people attended this fantastic event and had a wonderful day together.

What was learnt:

  • Jenni showed how to make a large-scale, hot compost heap.
    • This type of compost heap doesn’t need turning and will get to about 70 degrees – that’s hot enough to knock out all weed seeds!
    • This method generates about two cubic metres of beautiful compost, ready for mid-winter preparation of veggie beds and feeding fruit trees.
    • Building the heap took all day, and we also demonstrated the Indore method of making compost (outlined in Peter Bennett’s book, The Organic Gardener).
  • Keith showed how to compost on a smaller scale suitable for everyday kitchen scraps.
    • How to compost your kitchen and garden waste.
    • How to set up a worm farm.
    • How to use a bokashi bucket.
  • Jenni has kindly put together a HotCompost recipe, so you can try it out at home.





With thanks to our


  • ACT Government Environment and Planning
  • The Association of Independent Schools of the ACT (AISACT)
  • Catholic Education Office (Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn)
  • Education and Training Directorate
  • ACT Government