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SEE-Change Ecological Footprint Competition

Congratulations to Paul Nagle, who has just won our Ecological footprint competition.

Paul will collect $1500 worth of driving credit thanks to Popcar car share.

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, we value your participation and your inspiring suggestions.

For those who are interested, the lowest footprint was still two whole planets(!), the highest was five planets, and the average was three planets.

Don’t forget to re-visit your ecological footprint soon, update it with any improvements, and send it through to us again.

And remember that SEE-Change is here to help you reduce your ecological footprint.

Here are the ideas that have been contributed about how to reduce Canberra’s ecological footprint:

  • Higher building standards to reduce energy consumption
  • Buy your food from the local farmers markets: reduced transport; builds ACT food supply resilience; directly supports farmers; build community; often chemical free; feels good
  • Tax people extra who drive a car to work simply because they cannot be bothered taking the bus. There would obviously be exceptions to this but there are definitely people who could take a bus
  • Make Canberra bus travel free for all users
  • Improve carpooling options and improved public transport to reduce the use of cars in Canberra
  • Hang out the washing instead of using the dryer and minimise amount of washing machine uses by only washing a full load of clothes instead of numerous small loads of washing
  • Normalise using a combination of transport methods – walk or ride for trips < 5 km, consider car pool or public transport for trips > 5 km
  • Going vegan for the people, animals and planet. This is because animal agriculture is the main cause of climate change and global environmental destruction
  • Make a commitment to participation and community engagement; run a Citizens’ Jury to deliberate on this question; you’ll have a more well-informed, democratically legitimate answer 🙂
  • Solar Dry campaign. Dryers suck ok? Don’t use them. huddle up days-no cars, share warm houses with a crowd of people
  • To overcome planetary abuse, we should cut Internet use, or solar power our devices, that’s better than all other vices. My footprint is 289, (“must improve!” I whine.)
  • Mandated solar panels on all new buildings and more frequent, direct and cheaper public transport
  • Dispense food waste compost bins to every home in the ACT. If people compost food waste it will reduce the amount of garbage by 38% (Foodwise) plus enrich people’s gardens with healthy soil
  • We need to encourage the residents of Canberra to live in smaller sustainable dwellings. Turn down the temperatures on our air-conditioners
  • I would like to see the development of an app similar to Uber for ride share so that you can plot into a diary your commute and requests for a passenger and or to be a passenger
  • Increased bike safety education
  • More conscience decision making, if people thought about food origins and energy use more often in their day it could make a big difference, maybe some kind of tracker
  • Use backyards for clever accommodation and permaculture, not sprawling lawns

SEE-Change_PopCar LogoAbout Popcar

Popcar is about challenging inferior traditional concepts about personal mobility and making things better. Through leading technology we want to redefine what and how a journey during daily life can be. Popcar currently has 10 vehicles in Canberra, including 4 Hybrids, in the hope to see more people drive eco-friendly vehicles and offer SEE-Change member discounts.

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