Climate Change

There’s nothing more important than the health and future of our planet.

We work with the community on a number of practical projects to address climate change. These include projects like Birdscaping Canberra and ‘What do we want Canberra to look and feel like in 2030?’

Birdscaping CBR

Working with volunteers, SEE-Change planted 2000 native trees, shrubs, ground covers, grasses and daisies on public space in O’Connor. This project will provide habitat for endangered small birds at risk from habitat loss and will help cool the landscape.

We can provide advice on how to make projects like this happen in your local area - contact us.

The project was funded through an Environment ACT Grant

‘Cool’ Outdoor Spaces

One way to cope with a hotter drier climate is to create cool outdoor spaces adjacent to your home. Resources coming soon.

Trees Cool Canberra

Planting trees and shrubs helps cool our suburbs and absorb carbon. There are many ways you can get involved in planting or propagating trees in Canberra.

Hackett Compost Collective

The HCC is a curb-side collection and composting service. HCC takes your kitchen scraps and turns them into valuable soil amendment, avoiding the generation of methane in landfill.

Visit the website

2030 Canberra

Our workshops on the future of Canberra are constantly evolving. Our aim is to refine the content of these workshops so they are meaningful and result in not just talking but action.

If you’d like to help facilitate a workshop or just attend one – contact us