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Car Share

In 2014 SEE-Change and Canberra Loves 40% put forward a proposal to the ACT Government to establish a car share scheme for the ACT.

In 2015 lots of discussions took place about car share and following a number of set-backs, the ACT Government announced a two year car share trial in Canberra on Monday 18 April 2016.

There are 22 spaces around the city designated for the service.

The cars will be provided by two companies, GoGet and Popcar.

The benefits of car share include:

  • You enjoy all the freedom and convenience of having access to cars whenever you need them, without the hassle of owning one. Find out more about how it compares to car ownership
  • You save thousands of dollars a year on car rego, insurance, petrol, repairs and maintenance.
  • You can select the car from the fleet that best suits your needs.
  • It helps you to have a largely car-free lifestyle by filling the occasional service gap left by other more environmentally friendly transportation modes such as walking, cycling and public transit.
  • It helps to reduce the number of cars on the road, which leads to reduced congestion and air pollution.
  • It supports improved health by encouraging more walking and cycling.


Go Get offers promotions for car sharing here in Canberra. There are 7 GoGet pick up locations in Canberra.

Find out more about GoGet

SEE-Change_PopCar LogoPopcar

Popcar is about bringing competition to car sharing as part of a sustainable more efficient future.

Popcar currently has 6 pick up locations in Canberra.

Find out more about Popcar

What is car share?

Car share schemes provide short-term hire of passenger and light commercial vehicles for personal and business uses. They offer an alternative option to car ownership, while transferring the costs and troubles of purchasing and maintaining a private vehicle to the car share provider.

Car share schemes have been operating since 2003 in Sydney, and also operate in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Analysis of the existing car share schemes show that up to 62% of resident member respondents and 60% of business member respondents deferred the purchase of a car. This aligns with studies around the world, which have shown that for every car share vehicle, between seven and twenty private cars can be taken off the road.

A car share scheme delivers improvements right across the transport system and increases the viability of a largely car-free lifestyle, as they fill the occasional service gaps left by other more environmentally friendly transportation modes such as walking, cycling and public transit, and it helps people and households save money by not having to own a car or purchase a second car. Car share schemes also reduce the number of cars on the road, congestion, air pollution and supports improved health by encouraging cycling and walking.

In addition to a car share scheme, SEE-Change is looking at other creative community-based options to support alternative transport modes and reduce the cost of car ownership, including car-pooling and cooperative community car ownership.

With the introduction of paid parking in the Parliamentary Triangle and the commencement of light rail just around the corner, establishing a car share scheme now for the ACT really is a win-win-win for the Government, business and the community.

Car-share and car-pool options

If you have ideas or suggestions about car-share or car-pool schemes, or what you think could make these work really well for Canberra, please contact us.

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