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Book Donation to Libraries

June 2012

From Woden SEE-Change

To celebrate World Environment Day this year, our dynamic Woden SEE-Change group gave ACT Libraries a number of books to help readers get a headstart with their shift towards a cleaner, smarter, more efficient way of living.

The Canberra Chronicle were on hand to record the donation, and the story was written up to let the wider Canberra community know that the books are available.

Below is a complete list of all the sustainability titles now available through ACT Libraries, including those donated by our Woden group.

  • Sustainable House – Michael Mobbs
  • How To Make Your Home Sustainable– Derek Wrigley
  • Water not down the drain: A guide to using rainwater and greywater at home – Stuart McQuire
  • Frugavore – How to Grow Your Own, Buy Local, Waste Nothing & Eat – Arabella Forge
  • The Solar House – Passive Heating and Cooling – Daniel Chiras
  • Climate Code Red- the case for emergency action– David Spratt and Philip Sutton
  • Good Gardens with less water– Kevin Handreck
  • The Complete Idiots Guide to Green Living– Trish Riley
  • The CSIRO Home Energy Saving Handbook – How to save energy, save money and reduce your carbon footprint  Approx $30 Bookshops
  • The Real Wealth of Nations, -Riane Eisler, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2007
  • Fostering Sustainable Behaviour, -Doug McKenzie-Mohr & William Smith, New Society Publishers, 2006
  • How to Live a low-carbon Life, -Chris Goodall, Earthscan Publishers, 2007
  • The Transition Handbook, -Rob Hopkins, Green Books, 2008
  • Car Sick- solutions for our car addicted culture– Lynn Sloman, 2006
  • The Sustainable Table – Cassie Duncan, 2011
  • Resilience and transformation : preparing Australia for uncertain futures  – Steven Cork (Ed), 2010
  • Cities for People – Jan Gehl
  • Resilient Cities – Peter Newman
  • Cities as Sustainable Ecosystems – Principles and Practice –  Peter Newman
  • The High Cost of Free Parking – Donald Shoup
  • Future Transport in Cities – Brian Richards

With thanks to our


  • ACT Government Environment and Planning
  • The Association of Independent Schools of the ACT (AISACT)
  • Catholic Education Office (Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn)
  • Education and Training Directorate
  • ACT Government