Enabling change in our Society, Environment and Economy (SEE)

About Us

SEE-Change is a community, not-for-profit group focused on local grass roots action in Canberra.

The ‘SEE’ in SEE-Change stands for Society, the Environment and the Economy.

Our mission is to inspire, inform and support action to:

  • reduce Canberra’s ecological footprint
  • improve the resilience of the ecosystem, and
  • enhance the wellbeing of all individuals.

Our activities are practical and developed by local SEE-Change groups to best meet the needs and interests of their local community.

The local-based projects include:

  • solar panel and electric bike bulk buys
  • set-up of a bike trailer hire service
  • Transition Streets
  • sustainable house tours
  • a series of ‘Sustainability in the Suburbs’ events
  • regular ‘over the back fence tours’ that allow people to tour a sustainable house or garden of another SEE-Change member
  • film nights
  • seminars, talks and educational workshops
  • progressive dinners
  • community festivals
  • Kitchen Table Conversations
  • planning submissions related to local areas
  • house blitz draught-proofing events
  • and much more!

We also create workable, collaborative community project models that can be picked up by other community groups Australia-wide, and collaborate with local businesses to provide discounts and special offers to our members.

SEE-Change is only a small part of a rich ecosystem of community groups in Canberra, and so wherever possible we collaborate with other groups.

The SEE-Change Book

Bob Douglas, one of the founding members of SEE-Change, published a book in 2006 about the SEE-Change approach titled: SEE-Change Centres – Grey Power and Hope. An update to this book was published in 2009.

Organisational Structure

What continues to make SEE-Change unique, is that SEE-Change local community groups are the main heart of SEE-Change activity.

SEE-Change_Organisation Structure

While there is a central SEE-Change office, how SEE-Change local groups decide to achieve the SEE-Change Mission and Vision is open to creativity and the interests and needs of those involved.

The SEE-Change governance structure is designed to provide organisation-wide cohesion and support, while at the same time fostering diversity and independence in the local groups.

The role of SEE-Change is seen as one of enabling groups of citizens to work together on projects that matter to them – rather than telling people what to do.

SEE-Change is funded by the ACT government. This funds the Downer office and part-time Executive Officer and Project Officer/s.

SEE-Change is an independent organisation that is not affiliated with any other organisation.

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