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While many have been concerned about how sustainable our food is not much attention has been paid to sustainable clothes. Slow food has been around for ages – now we need to join the slow fashion movement.

Australians buy 27 kilos of textiles per year and throw out 6 tonnes every 10 minutes.

Ecological Footprint information for Canberra shows that the clothes we buy have a significant impact on our footprint.

At SEE-Change we are encouraging people to think about:

  • what sort of fabrics our clothes are made from (natural fibres are best) 5 best natural fabrics.
  • where are they produced (in Australia or overseas)
  • who made your clothes (were they paid a fair wage and worked under fair conditions)
  • how are they dyed (with toxic chemicals or organic dyes)
  • are they well made or will they fall apart quickly
  • what happens to your clothes at the end of their life (do they end in landfill or are they sent overseas)

We advocate for alternative ways to clothe yourself:

  • make your own
  • shop at pre-loved stores
  • upcycle clothes
  • stick to a capsule wardrobe
  • attend a clothes swap.

Why not take up a Buy Nothing New challenge – grab a friend and buy no new clothes for one week, one month, one year. SEE-Change’s Executive Officer, Edwina Robinson committed in 2017 to one year of buying no new clothes. Follow her journey on Facebook.

During 2017 we are holding a number of events that focus on being more mindful about our clothing.



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