Enabling change in our Society, Environment and Economy (SEE)


On 9 June 2015 SEE-Change and Solarshare launched a community solar energy toolkit to assist local residents reap financial rewards through developing and owning a community renewable energy project.

The Community Solar Toolkit provides detailed information about how a community can establish a community solar farm.

Throughout 2012 and the latter half of 2011, SEE-Change and it’s renewable energy special interest group Canberra Clean Energy held workshops, talks, stalls and surveys to gauge community interest in different energy projects, and researched a number of viable options for what could be achieved in the area of clean energy.

Following additional feasibility studies and contact with other community groups in different areas of the country, Canberra Clean Energy saw a practical way to work towards a community solar farm to be co-owned by members of the local area. The initiative was called SolarShare.

In the latter half of 2012 SolarShare formalized its governance and team structure to deliver Canberra’s first community owned solar farm.

For more information about this initiative, visit SolarShare.


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