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Reducing Household Energy

Belconnen Success Story

On 19 October 2016 the Belconnen SEE-Change group held an event ‘Reducing Household Energy Consumption – A Case Study’, attended by around 22 people.

The event comprised a presentation by Dr Ben Elliston, a renewable energy consultant, on a range of topics e.g. space heating, hot water systems, cooking options, electric vehicles and the current trend in the evolution of batteries.

Dr Ben Elliston described how his family achieved significant reduction in energy consumption and costs by:

  • switching from gas heating to electric heat pumps
  • changing from fossil fuel based cars to electric vehicles (EV)
  • deploying other energy-saving measures such as solar hot water system.

Ben provided a detailed analysis of the family’s energy usage pattern over the past eight years, and provide tips to help you keep records and analyse your energy usage.

It was a highly informative and interactive evening, with the audience actively engaged in asking questions through the session as well as during the informal mingling that followed afterwards.

The slides from the evening, which have been kindly made available by the speaker, are available here:

Presentation – Ben Elliston


Dr Elliston is a renewable energy consultant at IT Power, Canberra, and a long time member of the Alternative Technology Association, SEE-Change and the International Solar Energy Society. His research background includes studies in the feasibility of 100% renewable energy grids in Australia, he has a particular interest in energy efficiency and offers voluntary services with CORENA, delivering energy efficiency and solar power to worthy non-profit community organisations that are struggling with high operating costs.


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