Becoming a member of SEE-Change, or renewing your SEE-Change membership, is a great way for you to support your local community and help us to achieve a sustainable society, environment and economy.

SEE-Change operates at the grass roots level, with local groups doing local actions with their streets, their neighbourhoods, and their lives.

A central group called SEE-Change Inc is set up to help support the local groups, by coordinating opportunities for collaboration and taking care of administration hassles. For this reason, when you join SEE-Change part of your membership will go to SEE-Change Inc and part to your nominated local group.

Membership benefits

As a member of SEE-Change, 40% of your membership is given over to your SEE-Change Local Group, so that they have the resources to undertake activities that best meet the needs and interests of your local community.

In addition, you receive a range of benefits that include:

  • Member discounts at a range of different shops.
  • The opportunity to work with other member organisations and individuals, drawing on their support and experience to realise your hopes for the society, environment and economy.
  • Access to SEE-Change resources.
  • Supporting the work of SEE-Change.
  • Having a say in the future direction of SEE-Change with a vote at your nominated local group meetings and SEE-Change Inc meetings.
  • Transforming the community in which you live.
  • The enjoyment of friendships and collaborations with other like-minded groups.

To find out more about what our members think and what they have found has been beneficial from being a member of SEE-Change, take a look at our member stories.

Join or renew

To become a member, or to renew your membership, simply select from the options below.

A few things to note:

  • Credit card payments incur a small cost to SEE-Change, so our preference is a bank transfer.
  • You can change the ‘quantity’ when you get to the ‘checkout’ and pay your membership for multiple years.
  • You can set up a recurring payment with your bank so that each year your membership is automatically deducted from your bank account, saving you time and effort. Find out more