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Parliament of Youth on Sustainability Teaching Sequence

The Parliament of Youth on Sustainability 4 step teaching sequence covers:

  • understanding sustainability through the concept of the ecological footprint,
  • understanding our collective and individual impact on the earth,
  • working out how we can reduce our impact, and
  • presenting ideas, or proposals for action, to others at the Parliament of Youth on Sustainability on 29 May 2017.

The activities are designed to guide you to the Parliament in the simplest way, in the shortest timeframe. Adapt them to suit different ages and levels.

Note: this teaching sequence was developed for previous Parliaments that focussed on the topic of reducing Canberra’s ecological footprint.  These resources are currently undergoing minor revision for the 2018 Parliament.

Now, let’s get started!

STEP 1: Student voice and the ecological footprint
PoY Shane Rattenbury MLA with Farrer Primary students

Activity 1.1 – Students speak out on sustainability – the Parliament of Youth on Sustainability
Activity 1.2 – What is an eco-footprint?

STEP 2: What’s in a footprint?

Activity 2.1 – Eco-footprints have layers
Activity 2.2 – Eco-footprints of the world
Activity 2.3 – Eco-footprint calculator

STEP 3: What if?

Activity 3.1 – Closer to home
Activity 3.2 – One big idea

STEP 4: Away we go!
PoY Student Ministers in full Parliament session

Activity 4.1 – Green Paper time
Activity 4.2 – 5 minutes of fame

A big thank you to Jodie Green, ACT science teacher, for her work compiling the teaching sequence and activities.

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