Draft ACT Sustainable Waste Strategy 2010-2025 - for comment

The ACT Government launched this draft strategy on 8 December 2010. The strategy focuses on achieving four key outcomes: less waste generated, full resource recovery, a clean Canberra and a carbon neutral waste sector.

The ACT Government is seeking your views on the draft strategy and will be holding community meetings throughout February (details can be found here). 

2020 Vision – How will we change? ACT’s carbon reduction challenge - is your school interested?


SEE-Change's 2020 Vision project will operate in 20 ACT pilot schools and colleges throughout 2011. It aims to engage the imagination of young people and involve them in planning for their future. It is about new sources of energy, different modes of transport, new approaches to food and different ways of thinking about our world. Importantly, it is also about being optimistic about the future.

Switched On Cycles

Switched on Cycles are importing good quality, mid-priced electric bikes to Canberra, to get more people out and riding, helping their own fitness and leaving the car at home.

In addition to their normally low-price, Switched on Cycles are offering specials for SEE-Change members. 

  • 10% discount for SEE-Change members on any bicycle purchased
  • 20% discount for bulk buys of 10 bikes or more
  • free 2 day trial
  • rent a bike for $50 a week

QuipShare on the south coast

A group of people from the Tilba Growers Market has set up QuipShare as a community-based equipment sourcing and lend8ing program.

This is a concept I've long thought would work in Canberra, and isn't too far removed from the bike trailer program that SEE Change runs.

The idea is simple, and is one of many ways that community cooperation and therefore resilience can be built. It also contributes to building a local green economy.

Inner North SEE-Change film and supper night - Food, Inc

The film and supper night was a blast ! To view some pictures and a list of the generous local and regional food suppliers who donated delicious goods for the evening, click here

Plastic bag ban passed by assembly

Click here for the media release.

Bike Trailers for SALE!

As many of you will probably be aware, SEE-Change runs a bike-trailer hire program (BERT), lending cargo and kid trailers at discounted prices to encourage people to use their bike for short trips instead of taking the car .

This very successful program was originally started by our Belconnen (formerly Jamison) group, and is now coordinated through our central office.

Social research - community segmentation and environmental attitudes

Ipsos Eureka Social Research Institute has recently completed a study on community segmentations based on environmental attitudes. The paper can be found here.

Review of the Nature Conservation Act 1980

The Nature Conservation Act 1980 is the chief legislation for the protection of native plants and animals in the ACT and for the management of the conservation reserve network. A review of the Act is being undertaken by the Department of the Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water on behalf of the ACT Government. A Discussion Paper is now available for public comment. Submission are due by 18th February. For more information and the discussion paper click here.

Call for nominations - ACT Climate Change Council

The ACT Climate Change Council is a statutory body of five to nine members of the ACT community representing a broad range of skills and knowledge relating to addressing or adapting to climate change. Nominations are sought from representatives of the community in guiding the ACT towards carbon neutrality. The Climate Change Council will advise the ACT Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Water on strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address and adapt to climate change. Nominations close 24th December.

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