Something to aspire to?

Read more about the Netherland's approach to a new urban precinct in the north of the country (click here). Wouldn't it be lovely ...

ACT feed-in tariff now open to not-for-profits and community groups!

The ACT's Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Act 2008  has now been passed and will come into effect later this week. Why is this so exciting for us?

Scenario for a sustainable city

Here is a little scenario which I wrote as part of a submission to the national urban planning strategy document on behalf of another community group.

It is based on the policy goals of the document: productivity, sustainability, liveability, and good governance. I have drawn freely on my understanding of SC and my hopes for a future city that ticks all those boxes. Hope you enjoy it!

Sustainable Scenario 1: New Acton, Canberra

Not a peep on peak oil: Greens call for strategy

Greens Planning and TAMS spokesperson, Caroline Le Couteur, says that Canberra is likely to start feeling major impacts of peak oil in the next ten years, yet the Government has no strategy and is largely ignoring the problem. Read her media release here

Garden smart rebate doubled

The ACT Government has doubled the GardenSmart rebate to $100. More information here. 


101 Secrets for a Successful Environmental Volunteer Group

The Catchment Management Authority in Sydney has released a publication based on consultation with about 70 volunteer groups working on environmental causes.

The results of their community forum, with contributions from over 100 volunteers, have been summarised into a 9 page document which  highlights many strategies and approaches that are already present in the operation of our local groups, and may also include a few ideas that we might use to improve what we do.

Draft SEE-Change submission - review of Nature Conservation Act 1980

I welcome comments from SEE-Change members on our draft submission. The ACT Government's discussion paper can be found by clicking here and our draft submission by clicking here

Comments no later than lunchtime Wednesday 16th February are needed to ensure we submit on time.

New SEE-Change Tuggeranong group?

We have established that there are now 20 members of SEE-Change who are resident in the Tuggeranong area. We wonder whether that constitutes a critical mass for establishing a new SEE-Change regional group to serve the residents of Southern Canberra. 
Accordingly, we would like to invite Tuggernanong members to discuss common interests and possibilities for new activity in this field.

Outcomes of Time to Talk 2030 Released

The ACT Government has issued a media release with the outcomes of their recent Time to Talk 2030 community consulation.  

The biggest consulation excercise in ACT Government history saw 20,000 people visit the dedicated website, with almost 34,000 opinions and comments posted.  Almost 2,500 people participated in online and telephone surveys, while hundreds more attended face-to-face forums, focus groups, workshops and provided opinions via postcards and the media. 

ReNew Newsletter - DIY Sustainable Living Online

ReNew have a brand new edition of their newsletter online, with lots of great articles.  There's a questionnaire for potential buyers to ask their PV supplier, a solar hot-water buyer's guide, and lots more.

You can view the newsletter online, or contact ReNew to subscribe.


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