Workshopping for whole system and organizational change.

 Members of the SEE-Change community are encouraged to consider enrolling in an important workshop that will be held in Canberra on July 12 and 13th.  I have the greatest admiration for the leader of this workshop, Dr. Peter Rennie, and agree that the changes he is attempting to facilitate are absolutely central to Australia’s future,

The workshop is entitled “From By- Standing To Understanding and Action” The purpose of the workshop is to assist participants to an understanding of whole system and organizational change. The workshop runs over two days and participants can enrol for either day one or both days.  The desired outcomes for participation in day one relate to becoming a more effective change agent, achieving more and leading more effectively, building social capital and social responsiveness, partnering others to bring about whole systems change and understanding how structure and mindset change underpin whole systems change.

On day two, the focus will be more on creating effective organizations, gaining recognition as a highly collaborative leader, partnering with others to change organizations, developing insights, new mental models and skills and helping people to shine in their organization.

The cost of these workshops is $329 ($269 early bird) for day one and $799 ($639 for early bird for two days. The workshop is being facilitated by Dr. Peter Rennie, managing director of Leadership Australia who is a member of the Transform Australia group with which I have been associated for the past 15 months. There are available 20 places in the Canberra workshop for people enrolled on day one only and 20 places for people enrolled in both days.

The enrolment brochure  can be found on this address: