A wonderful resource currently exists called The Sharehood and we would like to set up a ‘Hood’ in Canberra to encourage SEE-Change members to swap, share and generally get to know each other.  We are linking to the SEE-Change site to enable all to find it easily.  


What is it?
The Share Hood is all about sharing resources within your neighbourhood and helps you to meet and make friends with people in your local area. All sorts of things can be shared, such as sewing machines, vegetables, wheelbarrows, tools, cars and books. Skills can be shared too: gardening help, bike fixing, language skills, childminding, how to make wine or dance the tango.
Why Share? Meet your Neighbours
Share...for the Environment
Share...for fun!
Most of us own stuff that we haven't used in years but don't get rid of because it just might be useful one day. But there's a very good chance that someone nearby needs to borrow the same thing that we've been holding onto.
There's other stuff that we use perhaps only a few times each year, such as a lawnmower, a sewing machine, a ladder or a wheelbarrow. Many of these things take up a lot of space so people in in small places don't have room for them. Or, those on low incomes simply can't afford them.  Wouldn't it make more sense for us to share what we already have, in our neighbourhoods?
Perhaps the best reason for sharing is to meet other people in your local area. When you link up with these people you immediately have a common  interest – a belief in the value of sharing things!

What to Share
All sorts of things can be shared! Household objects and garden implements and tools can be shared, such as sewing machines, books and films, your power drill, or that handy ladder.
Garden produce can be shared; when your broccoli goes crazy and takes over your garden you could offer some to your neighbours. Or if you have a lemon tree and there are only so many lemon tarts you can eat.
But not only "stuff" can be shared – skills are meant to be shared also! Maybe you need gardening help and someone in your street has the greenest thumb in town, or that darn printer is broken again and the teenager four doors down is a computer whiz. Not to mention learning languages, the tango, help with accountancy, childminding and the million other things we could share, while strengthening our communities at the same time.
For great ideas of how other people are using The Sharehood to share, see the page of your stories and the resources page and get sharing!