Feed-In Tariff Closes

In February this year our Legislative Assembly agreed to set a cap on the micro generator component of the ACT Feed-In Tariff Scheme.

Although predictions at the time were that it would take 18 months to reach the allocated cap of 15MW, the target was reached and the scheme closed for micro generators on the 31st of May.

The government has demonstrated its committment to protect those people who have proceeded to install a solar array in good faith, by allowing exceptions for anyone who has entered into a valid contract before the program termination, paid a deposit to the supplier, and can provide a Statutory Declaration to this effect.

Shane Rattenbury, MLA and Green Energy spokesperson for the ACT Greens says the government has failed the local inustry by creating an artificial brickwall, rathern than lowering premiums to create a sustainable industry.  Mr Rattenbury said the Greens had opposed the cap, warning that the solar sector would come to a standstill overnight.

The medium generator category, created in February this year, has also been allocated a cap of 15MW.  "That cap remains largely uncommitted", said Mr Corbell.  "Householders who are still interested in investing in renewable energy can join one of the community groups that are forming to create community owned generators".

SEE-Change is hoping to broker such a co-operative purchase later this year.  Watch this space for more details, or contact admin@see-change.org.au to express your interest in participating.