Enabling change in our Society, Environment and Economy (SEE)

Woden local group

SEE-Change Woden aims to provide a focus for local action on sustainability, to inspire other communities and to motivate government leaders to demonstrate leadership in creating a future for the world’s children.

The specific objective of SEE-Change Woden is to encourage local actions aimed at reducing the ecological and carbon footprints of suburbs in and close to the Woden Valley.

Over the years SEE-Change Woden has focussed on helping people in our community to develop practical skills through organising many skill sharing workshops ranging from jam making, fruit preserving, fruit tree pruning,  through to home sealing and caulking.

Our group has hosted and run seminars on topics as diverse as local honey production, green cleaning, modern sustainable housing technologies, energy and water efficiency, sustainable transport and waste management.

SEE-Change Woden also pioneered the ‘Over the Back Fence Tour’ which has been taken up with gusto by SEE-Change as a whole. Our members and friends have kindly hosted tours of their homes and back yards to share their journey to a more sustainable life. We’ve shared tours of water-wise gardens, measured irrigation, bee-friendly gardens, knock-down rebuilds including Passiv Haus homes and retrofitting of solar hot water, photovoltaics and triple glazing. Each home or garden owner has their own story and often people on the tours enjoy hearing about their journey as much as seeing the results.

SEE-Change Woden values the support of the community in making change sustainable. We have worked to support and build the community around sustainability issues through shared efforts such as communal tree planting and a chicken shed working bee and through supporting local businesses. We’ve also enjoyed more social gatherings like our Eco-chats at the Woden Farmers’ Market and at our film nights where we shared sustainably produced food and clothing and other resources at our fashion swaps.

If local action and community support for sustainability are important to you, SEE-Change Woden may just be what you’re looking for.

SEE-Change Woden member survey

In late 2010 we conducted a brief survey of our SEE-Change Woden members.

You can download a summary of their responses here.


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