Democratic engagement: How to empower people through kitchen table conversations - Friday 1 August 2014

Are you worried about the future and the failure of our leaders to prepare us for the range of challenges we are facing, some of which are being ignored or trivialised?

Do you think we need to revitalise our democratic institutions and provide opportunities for people to share with others the issues that are most important to them?

SEE-Change Belconnen have invited Mary Crooks, Executive Director of The Victorian Women's Trust, to lead a workshop in Canberra about the engagement process designed by the Women’s Trust for the Purple Sage Project in the late nineties, the Watermark Project (2002-07), and Mary’s

Urban Agriculture at Floriade - Workshops 9/10 August

Urban Agriculture Australia, which SEE-Change is part of, is a dynamic and resourceful collaboration between community groups and farmers in the Canberra bioregion.

Last year Urban Agriculture Australia created an inspiring, innovative, and interactive garden plot display at Floriade that demonstrated practical solutions for sustainable living and urban agriculture in people’s own backyards (see for information and images of last year's display).

The Floriade display provided information on how healthy food can be grown in different urban settings, along with

Enter into the lucky member draw and win a prize

To thank all of our members for their ongoing support that enables us to do the great projects and work that we do, we will be drawing three lucky member names out of a hat during the Winter Soup and Movie Event on 20 August 2014.

To be in the draw to win these great prizes, all you need to do is to make sure you are a current SEE-Change member.

SEE-Change Winter Soup Movie Event - Saturday 16 August 2014

Join the SEE-Change community this August to celebrate another gorgeous Canberra winter.

We'll be sharing some heart-warming home cooked meals and watching a variety of member selected short films and video clips with family and friends to inspire us in mind, body and soul.

If you'd like to join us simply RSVP to so we know how many to expect.


Event details

Solar House Day - Bus Tour 3 August 2014

SEE-Change and the Australian Institute of Architects have collaborated to bring you monthly 'over-the-back-fence' tours of sustainable houses, townhouses and apartments around Canberra.

In July, the Australian Institute of Architects have organised Solar House Day.

This consists of an Expo, an urban bus tour and a rural bus tour.

The urban bus tour on 27 July is already full, but there are still spaces available on the rural bus tour on 3 August.

See the poster for details.





Replacing windows

Many people have the issue of whether to replace their windows, so we asked SEE-Change members what their thoughts were on this topic.

QUESTION: I'm seriously considering replacing all my windows but need some impartial advice - is there any expertise within SEE-Change?

Following are answers from SEE-Change members in response to this question:

  • What is your vision about what you want?  What are the current issues? Are your current windows aluminium or wooden frames? What condition are they in? Many wooden frames can be relatively easily retrofitted by replacing the single glazing with double glazed units. Which way do they face? Do they get summer sun? Winter sun?

Adding curtains to a rental property

Many renters have the issue of how to keep warm in winter when your landlord has not provided adequate curtains, so we asked SEE-Change members what their thoughts were on how to add curtains to a rental property.

QUESTION: What tips do you have for rigging up some curtains that someone can take down when the tenancy finishes - I was thinking of us

House Blitz - Draught Proofing Workshop Results: 5 July 2014

On Saturday 5 July 2014, SEE-Change in collaboration with ACTSmart held a House Blitz - Draught Proofing Workshop, where we undertook draught proofing on a typical ex-govie house in Watson.

First of all everyone learnt about why draught proofing is important and the difference between draughts and ventilation. We then did a blower-door test on the house to see just how bad the draughts were, everyone then got 'hands-on' to seal the house and finally the house was re-tested to see the difference.

The results were:

Solar Hot Water

Choosing a hot water system can be tricky and so we asked SEE-Change members what their thoughts were.

QUESTION: If you are a two person house that occasionally changes to a six person house, should you use solar hot water or an instantaneous system?

Following are answers from SEE-Change members in response to this question:

  • Yes. I would suggest that they install a solar hot water system with perhaps 30 tubes (not much more expensive than 22 tubes).

Summary of the Energy Congress

By Kaveri Chakrabarty

On Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 June 2014, an Energy Congress was held in Canberra.

This inaugural gathering of the newly formed 'Coalition for Community Energy' (C4CE) proved to be a great success.

It brought together community groups, council leaders, industry representatives from across Australia and overseas, as well as policy makers and political figures from ACT/NSW and Federal governments, to create the 'enabling' milieu that the community energy sector needs at present to forge ahead.

Alliances were formed, both informal and formal,&n

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