Measured Irrigation – clever water use in a Canberra garden: Saturday 20 September

Woden SEE Change invites you to attend an over the back fence tour of …

“Measured Irrigation – clever water use in a Canberra garden”

"Measured Irrigation" is an automated tank-fed gravity feed irrigation, developed by Bernie Omodei in Adelaide (  

Measured Irrigation runs at much lower pressure than typical irrigation systems, greatly reducing the likelihood of leaks and also allows for different amounts of water to be supplied to different water beds in a simple and controlled way.

Green Savvy Sunday - 21 September 2014

SEE-Change will be having a stall at the Green Savvy Sunday event, which is Canberra’s interactive market that brings together products and community groups focused on domestic green sustainable living.

Why visit? Discover the latest in green technology for the home environment, buy specialist green/sustainable products, and speak to a variety of government agencies and companies about what programs, assistance and products they provide to the community and householders.

Stallholders and items you’ll find: Products made using low energy, organic techniques or recycled materials, delicious organic food

Kitchen Table Conversation - Tuesday 23 September 2014

Who is driving Australia?

Is it us, the people - or is it special interest groups?

In parts of Australia the "Voice of the People" is beginning to be heard and it is changing the dynamics and the power structure through:

Kitchen Table Conversations

A City of Food Series - September 2014

Urban Agriculture Australia, who SEE-Change is collaborating with, welcome you to this series of seminars examining the opportunities for urban agriculture in Canberra. 

  1. AGRICULTURE IN THE CITY - 3 September 2014
    Can Canberra address its own food needs?
  2. HIGH EFFICIENCY PRODUCTION - 10 September 2014
    How can high efficiency production be achieved in small urban spaces?
    Can small scale or residential food prod

Urban Agriculture at Floriade - Volunteer Opportunity

Urban Agriculture Australia, which SEE-Change is part of, is a dynamic and resourceful collaboration between community groups and farmers in the Canberra bioregion.

Last year Urban Agriculture Australia created an inspiring, innovative, and interactive garden plot display at Floriade that demonstrated practical solutions for sustainable living and urban agriculture in people’s own backyards (see for information and images of last year's display).

The Floriade display provided information on how healthy food can be grown in different urban settings, along with

Sustainable House Tours - next tour 19 October 2014

SEE-Change, ACTSmart and the Australian Institute of Architects have collaborated to bring you monthly 'over-the-back-fence' tours of sustainable houses, townhouses and apartments around Canberra.

See below a table of the features, dates, times and locations of the different house tours.

The next tour is on Sunday 19 October in Hackett.

This event is designed for renovators, home owners and renters who want to tour an amazing array of everyday homes all built and create

Peace and Climate activities on this weekend - Sunday 21 September

This coming Sunday 21 September people around the world will be taking steps to call for action on climate change.

It is also International Day of Peace.

Activities you could join that are happening around Canberra are:


Sing for Peace, Walk for Climate.

To start the day you can join the Chorus of Women at their Sing for Peace, Walk for Climate.

Where: Arboretum
Time: 9.00am-10.20am

Bringing people together through recycling, handprint and papermaking

On Thursday 11 September, Jodie Pipkorn the SEE-Change Executive Officer launched a botanic garden exhibit titled: It’s child’s play.

Paperworks Inc’s whimsical interaction with symbolic people and plants aims to stimulate thought on sustainable choices while simultaneously touching on collective contributions from various cultures and environments that fed into contemporary Australian society. Our society is a confirmation of the transcendency of knowledge.

Think just a little outside the box - SEE-Change member discount

Ventis Canberra have been working away without government rebates or incentives for the past 2.5 years in Canberra, installing an Eco friendly solar space heating and cooling solution into Canberra homes. They have just surpassed the 1,000th mark in installs the ACT region.

Canberra is unique when compared to other Australian cities and to those around the world.

In Australia, we are in a heating zone 9 area which is almost the highest in the country. We consume a considerable amount on trying to stay warm or for some people we bunker down in one room to survive our long winters.

O'Connor House Tour - snapshot

Helen, Hardy, Stephen and Rebecca have kindly opened their home for SEE-Change on a number of occasions this year.

BIG thank you to all of them, as their house is truely inspiring.

These two newly constructed houses on one block are the homes of a husband and wife (in their 70s) and of their son and his family of five people.

Both houses are solar passive featuring the usual principles of such dwellings...orientation, insulation and ventilation.

The houses are constructed of 100mm "green board", have double glazing and PVC window frames.

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