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Sustainable House Tour – Light House in Wright- FULLY BOOKED!

27 May 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location provided when you rsvp
$2 members; $5 non-members
6162 2320
Sustainable House Tour - Light House in Wright- FULLY BOOKED! @ Location provided when you rsvp

This newly completed Light House Architecture & Science home has an EER of 8.2 stars.

The compact 4 bedroom, 150m2 house is situated on a skinny 4052 block, with north to the street, but uses excellent solar passive and space efficient design to overcome space and aspect issues.

To find out how this new home has been coping with the recent cold weather click here to see an online journal.

You may also be interested in seeing one of the Light Houses on a new ACT architecture TV show that went to air last Saturday – first of two episodes (next and final one is 4:30 this Saturday 13th). Can read about/watch the first episode here

On the tour of this home, you can  also see some new (and old) technologies and ideas:

  • Cupolex recycled plastic dome concrete slab system – requires less concrete and creates an air void beneath the slab.  R1 insulation was laid beneath the domes and against the vertical edge of the slab
  • Ventis Sub-Flow system (yet to be commercialised) – in cooler months this takes hot air from the roof space (which gets really hot even in winter due to Canberra’s sunny days) and pumps it into the air void below the slab to provide extra heat to the floor
  • LUNOS Silvento Humidity Controlled Extraction Fans – switch on when humidity levels pass a programmed threshold
  • LUNOS e² – clever little energy recovery ventilation pairs x 3; ensure good indoor air quality when we close the house up over winter
  • Air tightness of 3.3 air changes per hour at 50Pa – 5 to 8 times better than most Canberra homes; achieved using standard construction methods ie. no special air barriers, just attention to detail and by minimising ceiling penetrations
  • Ceiling mounted far-infrared heater panels –one in each bathroom; the only heating in the house
  • Ceiling fans – the only form of cooling; haiku fans to living areas, cheaper types to bedrooms
  • Sanden heat pump – for hot water (to be compared to evacuated tube solar hot water systems on other Light House projects nearby
  • 20+ data loggers – throughout the home; data to be made publicly available
  • Deciduous vines, fixed angle louvres plus vertical, retractable shading devices (in progress) – ensure maximum passive gain in cooler months and ability to prevent sun strike to glass and slab in warmer months
  • Low maintenance landscape design (in progress) – excellent use of space, bee-friendly, no grass
  • Rain water collection and efficient drip irrigation – 5000L tank plumbed to laundry, toilets and garden taps

    Cupolex formation

    Slab pour


    Drawing and elevation

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