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C3: Community Climate Chest

“Community Climate Chest” or C3 is a program that provides real renewable energy and carbon offsets to households and businesses that wish to neutralise their greenhouse emissions.

C3 offers you many benefits:

  • It is a cheaper alternative to other GreenPower and carbon offset schemes;
  • You can claim your payments to C3 as a tax-deduction; and
  • You will be supporting local community groups, like SEE-Change, to create a more sustainable Canberra.

What is GreenPower?

GreenPower is a program that gives you, as an electricity consumer, a way to support renewable energy generation.

By paying for GreenPower you are providing funding to Government certified renewable energy sources, so that more power being fed into the national power grid is generated from renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuel energy sources.

SEE-Change_C3 GreenPower explanation diagram

Until now, with the introduction of C3, you were only able to purchase GreenPower through your energy provider and they have dominated the GreenPower market, and set price premiums, without providing clear information to consumers about the sources of their renewable energy.

With C3 you get access to cheaper, tax-deductible GreenPower; a share of your contribution is directed to SEE-Change; and you can find out where your renewable energy is coming from: www.climatechest.org.au/generators.

As a result of your contributions, our community will become less dependent on fossil fuel.

What are Carbon Offsets?

Carbon offsets are a way that you can pay for your carbon emissions to be reduced elsewhere, in order to compensate for emissions you create in your lifestyle.

By reducing your carbon emissions and offsetting the remaining amount of carbon emitted by your lifestyle, you can enjoy living a carbon neutral lifestyle or even go beyond carbon neutral if you choose to.

Through C3 you would be funding projects and schemes that would not have happened if you did not make your payment.

The offset projects and schemes supported by C3 are located outside Australia, as this means they will make a real difference to the amount of overall carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Currently the Australian Government has its own targets to reduce carbon emissions and make the environment more sustainable within Australia, so taking action in Australia during this period will save the government money, but it will not reduce the overall amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Similar to the C3 GreenPower program, the money you pay to offset your carbon emissions gives you access to cheaper, tax-deductible offsets; and  a share of your contribution is directed to SEE-Change.

SEE-Change_C3 offsets explanation diagram

How does C3 work?

The not-for-profit C3 scheme offers cheaper GreenPower from a range of renewable energy generators, and allows you to choose which generator you get your GreenPower from.

C3 only purchases government accredited GreenPower, plus carbon offsets accredited under the international Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS).

C3 charges only minimal administrative fees, payments are tax deductible and GST does not apply. This means you can save in the range of 25% – 50% on GreenPower and carbon offsets, depending on current renewable energy prices and personal taxation levels, offering you cheaper GreenPower and a tax deduction!

Check out this case study about how C3 has worked for Justin.

SEE-Change_C3 Scenario diagrams

Who runs C3?

C3 has been introduced by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA), a not for profit organisation who is committed to sustainable resource use and environmental sensitive technology.

Under the administration of the Alternative Technology Association and the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group, SEE-Change is acting as C3‘s Community Agent to market GreenPower and carbon offsets to our community and other partner organisations.

For more information about the C3 initiative and to have your questions answered, please contact us or go to www.climatechest.org.au/host/see-change.

Please note: SEE-Change is not the service provider for this initiative, and is providing you with information about this initiative. You are responsible for doing your own product and service research to meet your individual requirements and SEE-Change involvement should not to be interpreted as product endorsement or recommendation. If you choose to take part in this scheme, you will deal directly with the parties administering the scheme, rather than SEE-Change


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