Curriculum Wars: Will sustainability be a casualty?

How important is it that every schoolchild develops a balanced understanding of the challenge of sustainability, including the science of climate change and the kind of environmental threats that they and their offspring will inherit?  My own view is that for children now in the education system, a sophisticated understanding of these matters will be quite as important to their future as literacy and numeracy.


A Curtin Garden of Eden - SOLD OUT

Woden SEE Change invites you to attend an over the back fence tour of a local community garden…

Welcome to 2014 and our first tour of the year, to see a garden in summer, including our local issues of heat and pests.

Michael and Stephanie invite you to see their mix of garden produce, exotics and natives.

Car pool, come by bike or walk to show your support for a more sustainable Canberra!


When: Sunday 2nd Feb 2014 from 2 pm sharp, till 3:30 pm

Food Survey

Do you produce, consume or supply food?

Have your say on the local food economy by completing a short survey by Friday 28 February 2014.

It should only take a few minutes to complete.

Choose from whichever of the following surveys is most appropriate to you.



FREE cycling skills course

ACT Health and Cycle Education are offering a FREE 8 week cycling skills course for ACT residents aged 18 and over who are not currently working and/or are Centrelink cardholders (e.g. health care card).

Dates: Tuesday 4 February to Tuesday 25 March 2014
Time: 10am-11.30am
Location: Meet at the car park behind Mr Spokes Bike Hire, Lake Burley Griffin.


ACT Senate Candidates Forum Wed 28th August 2013

Twenty seven candidates belonging to 13 political parties will appear on the ACT Senate voting paper on September 7.  An enthusiastic crowd of about 400 Canberrans filled the Albert Hall on Wednesday evening for a Senate candidates forum organized  by a group of volunteers from the activist community group GetUp!  The event was chaired by ABC radio personality Genevieve Jacobs who had already interviewed a number of the ten participating candidates on her radio show.

This was comfortable territory for the Greens candidate, Simon Sheikh, who was a former national director of GetUp!  It was nevertheless surprising that Sheikh’s main rival for the second Canberra Senate seat, Zed Seselja, failed to make an appearance and did not even reply to his invitation. 

With ten outspoken candidates on the podium, the pace was fast and furious.  Each candidate began with a three-minute pitch for their party and candidates were then exposed to questions which had been submitted by email from audience members prior to the forum.  Specific candidates chosen by the MC were given a minute  in which to respond.

Several of the single issue party representatives made it clear that they did not expect to be elected, but were using the Senate race to heighten community focus on their topic and that what was important was to note the allocation of their preferences.  A table of all of the official preferences for each of the 13 parties was distributed to the audience and it was noted that the Liberals are preferencing the Greens last on their list, while the ALP is preferencing them first after their own two candidates. 

Climate Change and Wild Weather Explained

Thank goodness for the ABC.  

Catalyst has put together a fantastic explanation of the relationship between climate change and wild weather. This program succinctly and simply explains how increased global temperatures due to CO2 emissions causes floods, blizzards, droughts, heatwaves and increased wild weather events.  

I thoroughly recommend taking the 15 minutes or so to watch this episode on iView before it disappears in 8 days.

If this is the reality of a global temperature rise in 0.8 degrees, how will we live with the predicted 2 to 5 degree rise?

What is Double Glazing

Double glazed units are also known as Insulated Glass Units (IGU).  They are just as important to your home as the batts in your walls and ceiling.  They mainly insulate your home against heat loss and with a change to the glass makeup can reduce heat coming into your home.

Standard double glazing will not stop the sun coming in during winter.  This is one of the most commonly asked questions from our clients.  You need the sun to come into your home so that you can benefit from the free heating. Double glazing lets it in and then traps it in the home.

Inner-North 'over the back fence' tour: on Sunday 21 October


Come along to the Inner-North 'over the back fence' tours.

Share ideas and see examples of what you can do to reduce your ecological footprint.

When: Sunday 21 October, 3-5pm
Where: Downer

If you intend to come along, please email: for location details.



Old rail link from Kingston to Queanbeyan

A friend who commutes to Queanbeyan suggested it: activate the Kingston-Queanbeyan line as a commuter link, with appropriate buses at either end for forward journeys.

Surely this idea has a certain irresistible logic: the line is already there.

How much could it cost to run this as an experiment in peak hours, with costs and benefits measured to see if it should continue or extend hours?

So much taxpayer money is spent on reports and consultants, so why couldn't a percentage be dedicated to experimentation with actual pilots of transport solutions?

Such a link could easily evolve into light rail, to link up with the proposed light rail routes for the ACT that go to Kingston.

Have your say NOW! Comments close 25 May!!

A Civic-Gungahlin transit study draft has been released, stating a cost estimate for both Light Rail and Bus Rapid Transport options.  This looks like a re-run of the same old argument for Canberra:  "Light Rail is the best option for our city.  But we can't find a way to make it happen."
All you need to do to make your voice heard and have your say, is to jump onto the consultation survey and vote! We need your vote!
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