What Makes a Sustainable Household?

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) has published the new report Environmental Sustainability: understanding the attitudes and behaviour of Australian households. This report describes research that aimed to understand the water and energy use and waste reduction attitudes and practices of Australian households and how these have changed over time.

Interested in forming part of a Tuggeranong SEE-Change group?

Thursday 24th March - come along to learn more about SEE-Change, to meet others from your local community and to discuss ideas about starting a new Tuggeranong SEE-Change group... all the details you need are here.

SEE-Change presents Matthew Wright...



2010 Environment Minister's Young Environmentalist of the Year, discussing ....

100% Renewable Energy for Australia in a Decade, Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan

SEE-Change joins campaign for a Carbon Price

 Five committee members of SEE-Change joined a number of other Canberra grassroots sustainability groups recently for a half-day workshop to consider ways we can work together to make Canberra both more sustainable and a better place to live. We were keen to follow up the successful Canberra Loves 40% campaign in 2010, which helped to bring about an ambitious carbon target for 2020 that was legislated late last year by the ACT Legislative Assembly.

Population Policy

 The fact that Australian governments have not articulated what our population size ought to be, nor how, and where population growth or contraction should be managed, is an indication of the complexity and divisiveness of the topic.

Leading Social Change


Working with SEE-Change, I have had the good fortune to see firsthand the energy and optimism of the many people willing to act for what they believe in. I think that you are all leaders, because you all do what leaders do: inspire. This free workshop, offered by Global Learning, is a rare opporunity to cultivate the leadership qualities that we all possess, with just an honest investment of time. Places are limited to only 18, and applications close by Friday the 8th of April. And please, take the time to forward these details to everyone who inspires you.

Electric Bicycles evening

What an amazing event!

On Thursday 15 February, around 50 people came along to the second of the transport series featuring electric bicycles at Horse Park, O'Connor.

Switched-on-Cycles ( provided a run-down of how the bicycles work, the bulk buy discount being offered to SEE-Change members (20% off the price of the bikes) and everyone got to ride the bikes to test them out.

The bikes were heaps of fun, the evening was great and we look forward now to the next session on:

Something to aspire to?

Read more about the Netherland's approach to a new urban precinct in the north of the country (click here). Wouldn't it be lovely ...

ACT feed-in tariff now open to not-for-profits and community groups!

The ACT's Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Act 2008  has now been passed and will come into effect later this week. Why is this so exciting for us?

Scenario for a sustainable city

Here is a little scenario which I wrote as part of a submission to the national urban planning strategy document on behalf of another community group.

It is based on the policy goals of the document: productivity, sustainability, liveability, and good governance. I have drawn freely on my understanding of SC and my hopes for a future city that ticks all those boxes. Hope you enjoy it!

Sustainable Scenario 1: New Acton, Canberra

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