Recycling plastic packaging

Did you know that you can recycle all sorts of soft plastics? These include:

  • Shopping bags (including reusable 'green’ bags)
  • Fresh fruit and vegie bags
  • Bread bags
  • Biscuit packaging and confectionery packaging
  • Rice & pasta packets and frozen food bags
  • Glad wrap
  • Thin plastic lids found on lots of refridgerated items

Green Bins located outside Coles supermarkets recycle both plastic bags AND the soft plastics that can't go into your recycling bin.

Book launch of "Sack the Economists" Thursday 3 April

The book "Sack the Economists and disband their departments" by Geoff Davies will be launched by Professor Bob Douglas, Professor Emeritus and Director of Australia 21.

Mainstream economists failed comprehensively to foresee the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-8, widely regarded as the greatest economic malfunction since the Great Depression. Such failures arise from fundamental flaws in mainstream economic thinking and practice.

The subject needs to be remade, using modern systems concepts and modern knowledge of people, societies and the world. More stable economies serving humane societies within a thriving natural world would then be feasible.

CURF 2014: Beyond Light Rail

Come along on 31 March to hear from experts and join the discussion about planning for light rail.

The Northbourne Avenue corridor to Gungahlin urban transit project combined with release of the draft City Plan and establishment of Capital Metro is a defining moment in Canberra's urban transformation.

Canberra Harvest Festival 2014

The Canberra Harvest Festival is on again!
Join us to celebrate Canberra’s bounty of local and organic produce on the lawns of the Canberra Environment Centre on Saturday the 22nd March.  SEE-Change will be there!  Contact to volunteer on the stall.

SEE-change Bee-friendly Garden - over the back fence tour 2 March 2014

The SEE-Change March event was a visit to a botanically diverse bee-friendly garden in the Belconnen suburbs.

The tour was lead by Carmen and her son Mitch from Canberra Urban Honey who have hives scattered around Canberra.

This 38 year-old garden has plants ranging from ground covers to large trees on an average size suburban block.

SEE-Change Book Review

SEE-Change Woden has donated a range of books to the ACT Library. Keep an eye out for these books and the SEE-Change sticker on them:

  • The Passivhaus Handbook
  • City Cycling
  • Children & Their Urban Environment
  • Carbon Energy Taxation: Lessons from Europe
  • No Impact Man 
  • The Story of Stuff
  • One Magic Square
  • Cycle space

Review by Audrey Severino, Woden SEE-Change member

One Magic Square: Wakefield Press, 2008, reprinted 2013

Party at the shops

SEE-Change and Canberra City Farm invite you to join us in celebrating the new pop-up garden that will be revealed outside the SEE-Change office as part of the Parties at the Shops event on Saturday 15 March 2014 between 10am-2pm.

Whether you are, or are not, a member of SEE-Change or Canberra City Farm, this is a great opportunity to learn more about:

Bee-friendly garden tour - this Sunday!

Visit a 30 year old Bee Friendly Garden in Belconnen.

Join the Woden group to learn about the huge variety of plants and other features in this bee-friendly garden developed over 30 years specifically to attract and support bees.

You may, from a distance, see the extraction of a frame from an active beehive and will hear about the various elements of a beehive (including examination of the frame), factors important to beehive health and the elements of a bee friendly garden.

Exciting Job Opportunity


Make the most of your enthusiasm with this important and rewarding role.

SEE-Change is seeking applicants interested in casual work with experience in coordinating activities and events. This role would be ideally suited to someone interested in being involved in this project in a volunteer capacity and prepared to take on extra responsibility in a paid capacity.

The main role of this Friends of Jerrabomberra Wetlands Project Officer is to focus on:

GreenPower that gives back to the community

Community Climate Chest or C3 is a new initiative that gives you access to cheaper, tax-deductible GreenPower and carbon offsets online, at the same time as supporting SEE-Change.



What is GreenPower?
GreenPower is a program that offers electricity consumers the chance to support renewable energy generation.

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