Kitchen Table Conversation - Tuesday 23 September 2014

Who is driving Australia?

Is it us, the people - or is it special interest groups?

In parts of Australia the "Voice of the People" is beginning to be heard and it is changing the dynamics and the power structure through:

Kitchen Table Conversations

Active recycling in agriculture - Sunday 21 September

A visit has been organised to see active recycling in agriculture at Yarrh Winery.

Date: Sunday 21 September
Time: 11am-12.30pm
Location: Will be provided following your rsvp
Max number of attendees: 20

The owner of the winery, Neil McGregor, will walk us through the process he uses to obtain large quantities of organic waste from Sydney, turning it into compo

A City of Food Series - September 2014

Urban Agriculture Australia, who SEE-Change is collaborating with, welcome you to this series of seminars examining the opportunities for urban agriculture in Canberra. 

  1. AGRICULTURE IN THE CITY - 3 September 2014
    Can Canberra address its own food needs?
  2. HIGH EFFICIENCY PRODUCTION - 10 September 2014
    How can high efficiency production be achieved in small urban spaces?
    Can small scale or residential food prod

Urban Agriculture at Floriade - Workshop - Saturday 6 September

Urban Agriculture Australia, which SEE-Change is part of, is a dynamic and resourceful collaboration between community groups and farmers in the Canberra bioregion.

Last year Urban Agriculture Australia created an inspiring, innovative, and interactive garden plot display at Floriade that demonstrated practical solutions for sustainable living and urban agriculture in people’s own backyards (see for information and images of last year's display).

The Floriade display provided information on how healthy food can be grown in different urban settings, along with

Winter Soup Movie Night Review

On Saturday 16 August 2014, around 40 people gathered on a cool winter night to share and enjoy some lovely soups and other treats, and watch some short films.

It was a wonderful social evening that also inspired and informed all those who attended.

Following are some photos along with the films and food enjoyed on the evening.

Chook Co-op ‘over-the-back-fence’ Tour Review

On Sunday 20 July 2014, SEE-Change Woden held an ‘over-the-back-fence’ tour of a Chook co-op.

The presenter, Kate, has lived with chickens for over 15 years and created a co-op about 8 years ago, because it seemed a good way to keep chooks happy, without having more eggs than she could eat.

Around 15 people gathered at Kate's house to learn about Chicken Husbandry and the basics of starting a Chook co-operative with your neighbours. 

A chicken co-operative offers participants:

ACTSmart Programs

ACTSmart have a range of different ACT Government programs and assistance that will help you save energy and water, reduce waste and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Key activities that may be of interest to you are:   

For households:

  • The Home Energy Advice service provides free, independent advice, information and resources to help householders minimise their home energy use without compromising on comfort. This service is available to all ACT residents. Some of the topics they can provide information and advice on include:

Renters survey

Are you renting?

You can have a say and maybe have things improve.

Any renter can have a say, whether it be with a private landlord, real estate agent, community organisation, Housing ACT, or in student accommodation, a caravan park, shared housing, boarding or lodging.

Do you have any thoughts/views about the tenancy law in the ACT? Do you think there should be better protection of you as a tenant or other renter - against retaliatory evictions, stopping unfair tenancy agreements, against no cause terminations, setting standards in rental properties, dealing with share house matters?

The ACT Government is reviewing the Residential Tenancies Act and seeking submissions.

Don't have time to make a submission?

Passivhaus Tour - Sunday 24 August 2014 - SORRY TOUR IS FULL

This tour is now full, however stay tuned as another tour is being planned for later this year.

The term passive house (Passivhaus in German) refers to a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building.

These buildings are ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling.

This Over the Back Fence House Tour of a Passivhaus will show what building an ultra low energy house can be like, with features including:

  • No heating has been used in winter. 
  • The house is warm and comfortable, in fact it is so warm the owner is inst

Kitchen Tables, Community Organisers and the Public Interest

Grassroots common sense and decency lie at the heart of two growing movements to reassert the voice of the people in the management of our local and national affairs. Kitchen Table Conversations and Community Organising could perhaps help to reinvigorate Australian democracy.

We need to ask: “Who speaks for the “public interest (shorthand for the welfare and wellbeing of the general public)? The interests of the giant corporations and the mining industry are well articulated and lobbied and, for various reasons, our representatives listen assiduously to them.  But who speaks for the future welfare and wellbeing of our children? I think we need to invest in both kitchen table conversations and community organising to restore some balance to the political equation.

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