Enabling change in our Society, Environment and Economy (SEE)

History of SEE-Change

SEE-Change Centres, Grey Power and HopeSEE-Change was launched in August 2006 with the publication of the book: SEE-Change Centres – Grey Power and Hope by Emeritus Professor Bob Douglas.

SEE-Change Belconnen (first named the Jamison group) was the first SEE-Change incorporated entity, which formed to reduce ecological footprints through a series of suburb-based projects. SEE-Change Woden was formed next, then SEE-Change as a whole was formed.

Initially SEE-Change operated as part of the Nature & Society Forum, and incorporated in its own right (‘SEE-Change Inc’) in 2008.

SEE-Change is a community response to concerns about the strains we place on the planet and we believe that a safer, social and environmental path in Australia can be initiated by people acting together through practical community action.

Mirroring the name, change is an ever-present part of the organisation, which is evolving rapidly. Already in its short life there have been significant shifts – groups wax and wane, people come and go, and priorities and activities change.

Canberra’s challenges

Canberra is an affluent city and the area of land we inhabit falls short of what we require to maintain our lifestyle.

Canberrans have the largest ecological footprint in Australia.

The ACT Government’s Measuring our Progress report on Canberra’s sustainability identifies eleven core dimensions. While Canberra was doing well in many areas – for example we have high levels of community participation – we could be doing better in other areas. In particular, our greenhouse gas emissions are increasing.

The ultimate challenge for Canberra is having a sustainable footprint and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, while improving the resilience of the ecosystem and the well-being of all individuals.

Delivering the change

Meeting the climate change challenge is part of the ACT Government’s commitment to sustainability.

The ACT Government strategy Weathering the Change, has been developed to lead and support the broader community response to climate change and outlines 43 actions.

However the ACT Government recognises that it cannot solve the climate change problem by itself.

Since 2008, SEE-Change has been provided with Government funding to support the community to take action, deliver a range of projects and assist the ACT Government to meet its climate change objectives.

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